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A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity 12/30/22

Announced on December 20th, Eric Johnson Jr will join Bill McAnally Racing for four races in the 2023 ARCA Menards West Series in the No.19 Chevrolet. After spending years working as an intern, crewing and spotting for BMR drivers such as Derek Kraus, Jesse Love, Cole Moore, etc., Eric will take his first stint behind the wheel for the team starting at Portland International Raceway on June 2nd. Follow along for updates!

First Impressions are Everything 6/25/2022

After a long off season of development, Eric Jr recently made his long awaited debut in Super Late Models! Racing Dynamiks, the team Eric is racing in collaboration with, brought two drivers incluing Eric to compete in the Prelude to the 200 at Mission Valley Super Oval. In qualifying, the 14 machine piloted by Jr had an issue resulting in a poor starting position. The team knew there was still a long race ahead but acted with urgency the moment they saw the green flag. One by one, Eric passed the cars ahead with a late-race surge for his first ever podium finish in Super Late Models! 

"I don't know what to feel first.", Eric said in his post race interview. "I feel extremely lucky to be in this position. Yes I drove the car to third but it was all thanks to the effort put in by this team. Travis Sharpe and Racing Dynamiks are the ones we should be congratulating. We may have finished third but this is a win for all of us.", Said Eric. The RD team along with the Johnson family plan on competing this weekend in Hermiston Oregon, just one week after their race in Montana. Will they bring home a similar finish? Could they possibly find their first win? Stay tuned for updates in this weekend's event.

A Step Towards the End Goal 10/13/2021

As some of you may have already heard, Eric Jr received an incredible learning opportunity earlier this year from the Bill McAnally Racing Organization. Since a very young age, Jr has should consistent interest in NASCAR and even hopes to join the series someday as a potential driver. Little did he know that this past June would be the beginning of his first role in the NASCAR ranks. 

After attending the ARCA Menards West Series race at Sonoma, Eric was contacted by Bill McAnally himself and was  recruited to join the team after making a good first impression. With the circumstances given by COVID-19, Eric's schedule had all the right openings and with no hesitation he took the offer not knowing what was to come. Boy, was he in for a treat. 

Since taking the offer, Jr has attended six different ARCA events as an officially licensed NASCAR crew member and has even had the chance to spot for the defending series champion, Jesse Love, at tracks like Portland International Raceway. Obviously, Eric hopes to pursue a career as a driver but he often mentions how these important skills that he learns while crewing and spotting could someday come in handy when behind the wheel. "Being able to communicate more efficiently than others could be what sets your team apart from the next", said Eric when asked about this opportunity. "The more perspectives I can see this sport from, the better." 

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Moving Up The Ladder 9/22/2021

If you pay close attention to our social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), you may have already heard the big news. First announced on September 21st, EJR was happy to share that we have decided to move up the "Racing Food Chain" if you will.. WE ARE GOING LATE MODEL RACING IN 2022! 

There is no doubt that our whole team will have to up their game both physically and mentally but after a few years in the Baby Grands, a season of Road Course Racing around the West Coast, Driving schools, Crew Experience, and much more, we feel we need to take the next step. "My favorite part about this sport is that you are always learning something new every time your involved with it", Eric Jr explained when asked about the newest announcement. As often repeated in his YouTube videos, Jr has always shown excitement towards any new learning opportunity he can find. "I'm a full-time opportunity chaser", he says in one of his Baby Grand videos. This couldn't sum up our reasoning for this step up any better. We enjoy a new challenge and this is exactly that. 

Keep an eye out at your local short track come 2022. That #14 Toyota Camry Late Model will be fueled by a passion and dream built on a lifetime of love for this sport. 

Eric Johnson Jr - Moving Up The Ladder (Late Model)
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